Wednesday, October 21, 2015

religion and the state

Eric Idle:  I believe in the separation of church and planet.



Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Well done, Eric. Because if you had said "MOSQUES" and the planet you would have been Islamaphobic :-)

mister muleboy said...

Indeed he would. But more importantly, I think he would'a blown the joke.

You see, the joke stems from expectations: we're so used

this gag is some of my meta work.

Explaining a joke is never a good idea.

Bring me to the compounding "phobe." I usually get furious at the misuse, and ultimate killing, of a valuable part of the language. Phobia, of course, has long been a heightened fear of something, always out of proportion, and usually an illogical or unexplained fear. So we had phobes who were fearful of something.

We now have a word that essentially equates to "not kind toward," which is quickly morphing into "not overtly positive toward."

Bringing me back to my post, and to religion. I am phobic about religion: I fear it, but recognize that my fear is out of proportion. I don't merely dislike it, although I guess that I do, but I certainly fear it a great deal. Which puts me at odds with a huge chunk of the world.

But where you and I come together, Who, is that I control my fear by relying on the power of rock and roll. Six white horses, that you did prmise, were finally delivered to the penitentiary, etc.

[Meta joking 2: I am engaged in nonsensical typing just 'cause I like Who, am somewhow embarrassed that my attack on religion includes him {"hey, he's one of the good ones."}, but don't have time to work out any thoughtful response.

Sums up my blogging career. . . .

mister muleboy said...


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I never regret stopping by Mr. Mule's place. Always something cool to see, hear, or think about. Even when he's hibernating, thanks to the awesome Muleboy archives.