Wednesday, October 14, 2015

another sergio leone and the infield fly rule quiz

So the Mythical Monkey took one of the quizzes on the Sergio Leone site, and urged all of us to do the same.  Here goes:

 1 )      Favorite moment from a Coen Brothers movie

Wow - stumped already.

The Coen Brothers achieve something that looms in every director's dreams:  a signature look and feel without some hyper-stylized cinematography. Nevertheless, I think that there's an undeniable look and feel to their movies, and it is one that makes my blood run cold.

But I can choose one, because I'm taking this fucking survey:  when the aged sheriff played by Tommy Lee Jones determines to back away from the hotel room, leaving to someone else the vindication of truth, justice, and the American way.  I have made my own smaller, personal decisions, and am pleased that I've done so.

           2)    Scratching The Ladykillers, Intolerable Cruelty and The Hudsucker Proxy from consideration, what would now rate as your least-favorite Coen Brothers movie? 
Lemme throw a dart at their IMDB page. . . .

I looked at that list.  Inside Llewyn Davis and Raising Arizona.

        3)      Name the most underrated blockbuster of all time

National Lampoon's Animal House.

         4)      Ida Lupino or Sylvia Sidney?
Why, Ida Lupino, of course.  Because I've heard of her. . . .
5)      Edwards Scissorhands—yes or no?
No. No no no.  No no no no.  Tim Burton's look and feel leads me to embrace the Coen's with bearhugs.  Mulehugs, in fact 

         6) The movie you think most bastardizes, misinterprets or does a disservice to 
              the history or historical event it tires to represent
Editorial review for spelling and typing is a must, friends.
I am inclined to mention Inglorious Basterds, since I'm sure that Tarantino sought historical accuracy but failed.

       7)      Favorite Aardman animation
The Wrong Trousers.
"It's the wrong trousers, Gromit -- and they've gone wrong!"
         8)      Second-favorite Olivier Assayas movie
Fuck you

         9)      Neville Brand or Mike Mazurki?
Since I want to punch Neville Brand in the face for his self-righteous bullshit in Stalag 17, I want to choose Mazurki.  So of course I have to choose Brand, because he got to me. 
         10) Name the movie you would cite to a nonbeliever as the best evidence toward
               convincing them of the potential greatness of a favorite genre
Naughty Girls Need Love Too.
          11) Name any director and one aspect of his/her style or career, for good or bad,
                that sets her/him apart from any other director
Brian DePalma.  I can't think of any other director who makes a fetish of recreating another director's look and feel. 
          12)   Best car chase
The French Connection
I know that the Bullitt chase is better, but at least I give a shit about Popeye. . . .
        13)   Favorite moment directed by Robert Aldrich
Since the Mythical Monkey and I quote the scene in at least half of our conversations, no one will be surprised that, like him, I choose the inspection of the troops by "General" Pinckley [Donald Sutherland] in The Dirty Dozen.
        14)   The last movie you saw in a theater? On home video?
I saw Hammer Films' Horror of Dracula (1958) two days ago at the AFI Silver theater.  Part of the AFI's celebration of the work of Christopher Lee.

The missus and I have been on a "television series" jag in our home viewing, so I can't think of a film.  American Sniper was on in the background the other day when she worked from home.
        15)   Jane Greer or Joan Bennett?
Jane Greer is in my all-time top five.  Top five what, you ask?  My Top Five.

Joan Bennett was so laughably unprepared, unable to deliver lines, and awful on Dark Shadows that I can't put it from my mind. . . .
        16)   Second-favorite Paul Verhoeven movie
Black Book.  I actually kinda liked it
        17)   Your nominee for best/most important political 
or social documentary you’ve seen
Bob Roberts.
          18)   Favorite movie twins
Mary Louise Weller.
        19)   Best movie or movie moment about or involving radio
Play Misty For Me.
shit can get you killed. . . . 
        20)   Eugene Pallette or William Demarest?
Eugene Pallette's performance in My Man Godfrey -- so real, so grounded, so aware of the insanity while remaining grounded -- may be one of the ten finest performances in the era of talkies
        21)   Favorite moment directed by Ken Russell
Stumped.  I'm sure someone was naked in it, though
           22)   All-time best movie cat

Gender identity issues aside. . . . .
           23)   Your nominee for best movie about teaching and learning, followed by the worst
I'm so overcome by the awful Hollywood movies of the nineties in which either a saviour came to the school, or a saviour came to the class to be redeemed, then become the saviour.  
I hate them, but the better executed films (Stand and Deliver; Lean on Me rather than Renaissance Man or Dangerous Minds) do seem to draw me in if the remote lands on them on a rainy day
         24) Name an actor/actress currently associated primarily with TV who you'd like
                  to see on the big screen

That distinction is so stupid


Nathan Fillion.  Just to have a name

           25)   Stanley Baker or David Farrar
I'll take Concrete Jungle for the win, Alex. . . .
   26) Critic Manny Farber once said of Frank Capra that he was "an old-time movie craftsman, the master of 
every trick in the bag, and in many ways
                  he is more at home with the medium than any other Hollywood director, but all the details give the impression of a contrived effect."

                  What is the Capra movie that best proves or disproves Farber's assertion?
                  And who else in Hollywood history might just as easily fit his description?
I think of Spielberg when I read Farber's thought.  I don't think of Capra.

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Mythical Monkey said...

Half the reason I take these quizzes is because I hope to prompt you to take it, too. I always wind up thinking, dammit, why I didn't I say that?