Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why, oh why, would I comment?

The president's recent announcement of a major shift in the enforcement of immigration laws, justified on the grounds of Congress' failure to enact legislation changing the current law, and

the recent determination to tolerate yet again violent police action without criminal charges

just cries out for a re-entry of mister muleboy, on his horse about his brilliant views on these and other issues.

Forget it.  I don't know anyone who isn't burdened [as I am] by a world view that impedes critical re-examination of the premises of his or her beliefs.  Even "open" minds have contours of their openings, and once in, forms that must be matched lest their (my) brain explodes.

And, in my own way, I am easily able to tie the immigration decree and the police shooting and the grand jury's decision and the warrantless search of police records and the assassination of American citizens abroad and the demise of a free-ish Ukraine and the shitty new Taylor Swift record


Those are the contours of my mind and opinions and beliefs.


Mister Parker said...

Every time the subject of immigration comes up, I always think of a line from Lewis Black's stand-up bit back in 2004:

"We should build a wall on the border of Canada -- because that's where the cold air comes from!"

Bellotoot said...

Actually, certain immigrants tend to flop on me, as sure as you're born.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Putting the Constitution aside for a moment, as we are all wont to do these days, everything I learned about immigration i learned in the kindergarten line at the water fountain, to wit: "No cutting! No cutting in line!" It used to be a well-understood rule. You might violate it (I know I did) but when you did & you heard the (mostly girly) chorus cry, "Hey no cutting!" you knew it was a fair cop. "You're right," you'd think, "I'm a bad kid, but whaddaya gonna do about it?" Then "OUCH!" you'd say when the thirsty mob turned on you and began pulling your hair & ripping at your flesh. "Hey," you'd say, "that hurts! I'm telling teacher!" But everyone knew you wouldn't. Everyone knew you were wrong, even you.

Mister Parker said...

Dammit, Who, that's an entirely reasonable answer to which I didn't plan to respond and then I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and realized "Wait a minute, the guy who's ninth in line at the water fountain is still ninth in line at the water fountain." The more apt analogy would be while some people are standing in line at the water fountain, others have climbed over a barbed wire fence and been chased around by a barking dog to drink at the garden hose in the backyard.

Human beings are hardwired to resent breaches of the rules and what we think of as fairness. But I'm an old Southern Baptist, and I can recall a number of parables where Himself rejected fairness in favor of compassion and generosity — the workers in the vineyard, the prodigal son. Okay, I can recall two. But I'll bet there are more.

"The last will be first, and the first will be last."

And if the theology of Jesus Christ doesn't appeal to you, how about that of Pete Townshend:

Ask along that man who's wearing a carnation.
Bring every single person
from Victoria Station,
Go into that hospital
and bring the nurses and patients,
Everybody go home and fetch their relations!

Come to this house
Be one of the comfortable people.
Lovely bright home
Drinking all night never sleeping.


Scotty said...


I tapped out a long, thoughtful, funny comment replying to you. I hate fucking telefucking phones fuck king. My brilliance lost forever.
Do I wish you and WhoFamily, the Parkers, the Bellotoots, the Mileboys (we're *very* close)
A Happy Thanksgiving.

I extend it to legal and illegal immigrants. And I hope for world peace. Gahd bless us one and all !

Scotty said...

It shoulda typed : SO I wish . . . etc. fucking fuckingphonefucking fuckers

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Well, Mr. Parker, I do hear you.
“Screw this. Water fountain lines are for suckers. I’m tired of being 9th in line. Let’s climb over some razor wire and get some nice warm garden-hose water right NOW.” I get that. I could hear myself saying that.

But the point I meant to make was that putting illegal immigrants on a path, not to the garden hose, but to the cold, pure, crystalline, fluoridated water fountain of legal U.S. residence & employment is corrosive if that path is as fast or faster than the path being trod by the peeps waiting dutifully in line, some of whom may never get in.

But while there has been a pretty steady & vocal call for just that kind of amnesty coming from a significant chunk of activists, from the looks of it, Obama’s actual executive orders are turning out to be a lot less dramatic than the high expectations that he encouraged.

I’ve always been in favor of increasing – and I mean greatly increasing – legal immigration, even as I would try assiduously not to give line jumpers an unfair shortcut at the expense of the people who know how to queue like a Brit. But I think I’m pretty much alone in all that.