Friday, May 9, 2014

Lesson Learned -- a Rationalist's Tale

So I recently had occasion to go to an emergency room. 

I was not in extremis, but I've been instructed to go directly to the ER any time that I've    experienced an erection lasting more than four hours      lost consciousness whilst driving a motorcycle    had the particular weird symptoms that I had.

Anyway, a word of advice:  if you go to a hospital with the word "Adventist" somewhere in its name, you probably don't want to answer the question:
Religious affiliation?
with the booming and forthright response:

My experience suggests that it might be followed by a [simultaneous] collective gasp (from some) and collective snicker (from others).

And I know that in my case,  about two seconds after I did it the PA crackled and a woman began:

This morning's prayer. . .

Yup; true story


Mister Parker said...

You're not an atheist -- you worship in the house of baseball!

Actually, if somebody asked me that question, my head would probably explode. Although come to think of it, my head tends to explode when people ask me anything that smacks even vaguely of the none of your gotdamn business variety.

You know, like "Hot day, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah? Eff you, pal!"

Mister Parker said...

Pardon my French.