Thursday, May 8, 2014

Conservative Radio

I thought that I would make a rather trite, and not original, observation:

With regard to conservative talk radio,

An angry, offended, victimized body politic might be good for radio ratings and income, and might be bad for governance.

I occasionally hear principles with which I agree spouted on the radio by goons that I would gladly see tarred and feathered

Angry Snark is the tone of the day. Every day. And it's so poisonous and polluting that it's either gonna stop, or this whole thing will [more overtly] crash around our heads.

I hate those fucking fuckers.

Noting that people are people, and that bad behavior isn't owned by any particular party or philosophy, I suppose that I should note that I read much the same thing on Facebook. But the anger and bile is usually replaced with a haughty (my dictation program typed out: hottie) sense of superiority not earned by analysis or persuasiveness.

-from a portable device

I hate those fucking fuckers too.

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Mister Parker said...

I want to see some of that hottie sense of superiority ...