Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Hey, gang.

By gang, I mean misterparker


so yesterday was the ninth anniversary of my separation from alcohol.  It's been nine great fucking years.

my life has been full of unexpected rewards: love, [relative] security, proud and peaceful relationships with loved ones, health, happiness, and Dmitri Young.

I won't bore you with the "grateful, recovering alcoholic" but, I'll save that for my fellow drunks.

But, as you may remember, I used to--especially during 2007 and 2008--report on the mundane yet shocking amounts of money saved by not buying the booze that I bought, daily, for the last few years o' my drinking.

So I thought that I'd reprise that ritual, seeing as how I celebrated an anniversary that pleases me so.

If I had lived these nine years (and I'll cite the express opinion of one medical practitioner on my chances of living that long: Zero.  You'll be dead) and had continued an unchanged pattern of drinking, I would have spent


As I note, I wouldn't have lived that long.  Nor could I have spent that money; I'd be unemployed and homeless.

But I like to know the money that I've "saved."

And no, I'm not free to go spend that money, which I don't have.

Anyway, happy anniversary, mistermuleboy.  glad you're here to celebrate it.


Little Johnny Jewel said...

>Hey gang, (and by gang...

What am I, chopped liver?

Notwithstanding that, glad to see you've made it these nine years.

I suspect over that period you've spent at least $82,322.10 on Rickenbacker 4001s, so there is no net gain -- but your liver thanks you, if not the neighbours.

I can't believe I'd mention bass guitars...

mister muleboy said...

Oh my golly goodness

It's been years (well, a year), and I thought you'd learned to ignore me

Since *I* ignore me

Thanks for the good wishes

I need more Instruments
They multiply in an inverse proportion to my playing

Kinda like biscuitng and drinking

Mister Parker said...

I was just thinking about this the other day, dating it by the beginning of the baseball season, and I thought how glad I am that you're still around and how important you are to me. And being a touchy-feely guy, I turned on the Nats-Marlins game rather than actually sharing this thought with you. So I'll just say here that I love you, you big lug.

Maggie Jean said...

I thought you moved!

A great, great thing you have done. Good on ya!