Monday, September 30, 2013

The first time I ever went into a recording studio, I was out of my mind excitement. It was a shit studio, But everybody involved was earnest, excited, raw, and young. And I mean all of those is good things…

My task? To play piano on a cover of Elton John's "your song." I knocked off my rudimentary, shitty version of the keyboard part, with some groovy acoustic guitars and other stuff going on around me. The guy was nice enough to ask me to stick around and sing some harmonies, and I was having so much fun, I would've hummed out of my ass if he's asked.

When we got to the verse that goes "we'll I sat on the roof, and kicked off the moss," Mr. lead singer instead sang "I sat on the roof, and kicked off my mom."

30 minutes later, we were still laughing ourselves silly, and had yet to finish a take.

The joke was stupid then, and it's stupider now. But thinking about it on my drive home brought a big, big smile to my face.
Followed by tears.

Fuck I hate getting old…

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Anonymous said...

"Have you ever seen an organ?"