Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Waiting for a Flick

My typographical error rendered the title to this post Waiting for a lick, whichI quite enjoyed.

Truth in advertising, etc.

I meant to begin Waiting for a Flick because, well, I am.  And from a surprising source.

Joss Whedon is behind it, so my anticipation is mildly surprising.  Whedon's work on Firefly entertains me, but his oeuvre does not rest near my wheelhouse.

Anyway, his black-and-white, set-in-LA Much Ado About Nothing is high on my list of gotta-sees.

I understand that he hasn't made any changes to the text -- which is a rarity in stagings of Shakespeare's work, much less in films.

But a film shot in 12 days by the director/producer/mastermind behind summer blockbusters is mildly interesting from the jump, and made more so by this line from a review in The Guardian:

In certain aspects this is Shakespeare as that black-and-white classic,
The Philadelphia Story.

Now who doesn't wanna see that?

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