Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When the red, red robin comes

a long time ago, the Jestaplero gave me shit in the comments section about being patently imbalanced and unfair. The context?  I was repeatedly describing former Senator Evan Bayh as the anti-Christ for not doing something, while not naming the ten other people who were not doing it worsely.

The Jestaplero was right that I wasn't being fair.

You see, I was more disappointed in the Bayh fellow, at the time, than some other fuckjheaded douchenozzles from whom I expected whatever loathsome behaviour I was decrying.

The same sorta thing is at work today, of course.

Some close friends are just amazed when they find the evidence of my enthusiastic support [in real life kinda support, not anonymous blog support] for my candidate from 2008, winner o' my vote, winner o' my heart, Barry Obama.  Hawaiin, Kansan, scholar, wag, energizer.  He'd made me a bumper-sticker, pin-on-the-lapel kinda supporter.  Talked him up.

That support lasted through his inauguration, and even survived what I thought was a horrible miscalculation in pushing through "the Stimulus."  I thought he'd fucked up, but I was still behind him.

Well, that ended kinda quickly.

Four years after I'd enthusiastically supported him, I was lambasting the guy.  During the 2012 campaign, when a friend announced on Sep. 12 that Mitt ROmney had demonstrated that he was not qualified to be President [his comments on the Cairo riots and Benghazi were at fault], I responded that Barack Obama was not qualified to be president.  At fault:  his disregard for the Constitution in appointments, and in reversing himself on the limits of his power regarding certain illegal immigrants.

I apparently went easy on the guy, as he was much more hostile to the idea of limits on his power, and on time-honoured restraint and comity, than I had assumed.

 Today I find him abhorrent for so many reasons.

A couple'a his defenders have continued to explain that the . . . misssteps. . .  of DoJ and IRS/Treasury and State and CIA can't really be laid at his feet.  Especially DoJ -- why, that's independent criminal prosecution.

Except it's not.  As the Pres himself has explained, directing resources and establishing the focus of the executive-branch agencies is his job.  One that he's proud of, if during an election he can enact a Dream Act that he'd earlier explained was beyond his power.

But some people tell me that I'm churlish for holding him to blame.  Why how, they asked, could I hold accountable the same man who did a glorious job (the week before an election) rebuilding the New Jersey seashore singlehandedly.

My criticism of the guy was always accompanied by a nagging inquiry -- was I waving my abstract libertarian crap while not looking squarely at what the guy has to do in the real world.  But I've kind of ended the internal debate.  I think it's fair to view him as harshly as I have and do.

But I won't make those Nixon comparisons.  Not me.  I don't think this is the kind of presid

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