Friday, May 10, 2013

A lot of friends challenge me, with differing levels of vehemence, when I rail about the citizenry protecting itself from its government.  "yeah, like they're really gonna drone you" seems to be a prevailing sentiment.

But the government is always -- men and women.  And men and women do bad things: sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad.  Republican and Democrat.

This time, it's under a Democratic administration, and it's not too big a deal.  Why, it's benign.  It's not political.  We're assured. Last time, and maybe next time, it'll be a Republican administration.  But any notion that we're not cattle to be corralled and controlled seems to me. . . .  optimistic.

I don't assume, btw, that there's necessarily any coherence -- there can be lots of collected bad actors, or negligent actors, all doing their little damage.  But when you have the levers of power, and men with guns backing them up [wait; the guns are the levers!], it's hard not to tug on the kevers now and then.  Why, if you don't, they'll rust or go bad

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