Monday, March 11, 2013

Today's Word Tip, No. 2

The word comptroller is properly pronounced:

con·trol·ler  (kn-trlr)

Yup; controller.

So the Comptroller General o' the US, who heads the GAO, is the controller general.

And the Comptroller of the Currency is the controller of the currency.

You can play at home. . . .

but, of course, times change.  Soon, Kahmpt-roller  will prevail (in usage), and I will be left to my pedantry


Mister Parker said...

I was irked the other night that an ad for "The Good Wife" spelled judgments "judgements" -- in the law, a judgment of the court never has an "e" in the middle, even if years of misspelling has sort of inserted one in non-legal situations.

mister muleboy said...