Thursday, February 14, 2013

The '70s -- what a decade ! [ugh]

Hey, friends.

I thought I’d get caught up by posting today about the election, the state-of-the-union address, gun control efforts, secret assassination of U.S. citizens by drone bombings, and the impending [re]failure of the financial system.

Psych – I was just fucking with ya! 

It doesn’t matter what I think about those things --  you already think what you think about those things.

So I though today that I’d post about

man, who gives a shit.  I guess I'll post about Henry Gross's song Shannon.

I listen to this occasionally.

It's really, really shitty. 

I've come to like the music of the seventies; even the bad stuff.  Because I'm old, and will die soon, and the music is the stuff of my youth.

But if I listen to shit like Shannon, or Chevy Van by Sammy Johns, or Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold, I will

die much sooner than I otherwise would.

Possibly by my own hand. . . .

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Mister Parker said...

Jesus Christ, I had forgotten "Shannon" and "Chevy Van" until I listened to them again on YouTube. Even worse than I remembered -- in the context of their time, they were merely bad, because everybody sounded like that, but that particular sound -- especially that "whacka-whacka" electric organ (or is it a synthesizer) -- has been so thoroughly repudiated that it really stands out, on hearing it again. Awful awful.

The Eagles, Bread, America, the Doobie Brothers' "Old Black Water", countless bands and acts I've forgotten, others I've wanted to forget (Starland Vocal Band, anybody?) and even some stuff I like -- John Lennon's Walls and Brides, Phoebe Snow's "Poetry Man" -- just dreadful production values and instrument choices.