Friday, February 15, 2013

Flying No. 4

From about midday, Election Day 2008:


I proudly and happily cast my vote for Senator Obama this morning. But not without reservations, and concerns.

The primary criticisms leveled against each of the candidates are largely . . . true. Senator McCain is a crusty, angry old warrior quite willing to project American military power into a variety of difficult situations, perhaps precipitously and without heed. And he doesn't care a fig about the economy or the morale and sense of well-being of the populace. He sees the world through the prism of his family's military service, as a man born in the first half of the twentieth century.

And Senator Obama is a glib and moving, but untested, inexperienced young man who voices simplistic foreign policy notions. And he is a man who displays very little willingness or ability to depart from the orthodoxy of his party. Should he win, and I desperately hope that he does, he will have to match his rhetoric with abilities that have not been displayed.

And rejoinders are unnecessary [although always welcome]. There are simple answers and explanations that address what I've said about either candidate. These answers aren't just "spin," but they help rebut what I've said, and explain the skills of the candidates. Nevertheless, I think the fundamental problems with each are real.

I like Senator Obama, but that's because he's my kind of people. A lawyer educated on the East Coast, with world travels as a young man and with firm midwestern roots in his family tree. Of course, I like him more because he's black. I want a black person to preside over the country, as the battles of the fifties and sixties have been replaced with new and different ones, while our national conversation hasn't yet changed.

If I believed in God, I'd ask God to watch over Senator Obama, or Senator McCain should he win. But since I don't, I urge all of us to do the work that we'd normally lurch away from, and watch over the new president ourselves. Carefully, but with love and support.

Everyone should mail the new president a copy of the Constitution; neither has demonstrated any willingness [and indeed, why should he?] to step away from the despotic usurpations of authority of the last eight years [and forty before that. . .].

I don't feel like I was way off the mark, both about attributes and about flaws.  I'm awfully disappointed in how things have turned out.  I blame the president, I blame his opponents, I blame you, I blame me.

The only president I haven't just despised while he was in office is

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

"I'm also issuing a new goal for America."
-- President Obama at his "State of the Union" on Tuesday.


He said he's "issuing" us a new goal.

"Nation! I am issuing you a new goal!"

Why do they always end up talking this way?