Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Greatest Ballplayer O' All Times

signed, El Presidente

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Pete Rose? :-)

Mister S. said...

El Presidente, now the bullpen coach for the Houston Astros of the ... AL West. Could be a long year.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dennis Martinez!! Of course! God dang it I never wigged to everyone calling him El Presidente even though i swear to god WATCHED this guy pitch from my nose bleed seats in Memorial Stadium all through the early 80s & right into the World freaking Series, which was the highlight of my career as a law student. One of my favorite compadres as a 1L dropped out of U of Maryland Law despite good first semester grades because he was making astronomical money selling beer at the stadium and could virtually live on that for an entire year. Where did you get it signed?

mister muleboy said...

Wait just a got-damned minute here.

Law school at U. Md. [which has its law school in Charm City rather than college park].

Early 80s.

Dennis Martinez.

Memorial Stadium.

John Lowenstein?

Len "Boom Boom" Sakata?

Natty Bo?

Alright, now just what the hell IS your story.

complexier and complexier, says I

I spent large parts of 1978 - 1985 in Memorial Stadium

Sat out in right field with the Mythical Monkey in the LATE 80s, during Frank Thomas's rookie year. Yelling at every batter po-o-oooo-ke it into right!

were you that guy in row h with the good hair?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

That hair wasn't me, unfortunately -- in fact, reviewing the film of me floundering in trial practice class in that very era gave me the very first inkling I had that i was going bald. Everyone else had assumed i knew.

I had really good longer than shoulder length hair in the EARLY 70s though.

Um. Where was I? Oh yeah: Wild Bill Hagy!

My story is (but wait, this would be boring) (but wait again: what could be more interesting than me?): moving to Baltimore for JHU for a 1-year JHU writing program in '78; then the late, great, warm and very hospitable Baltimore News-American nightside copy desk of which i remain very fond from '79-'81; U of Md. law from '81-'84 ... yo-yoing from Cumberland, Md. to Annapolis from '84 - '85 ... and then, goodbye East Coast through no fault of its own. I loved everything about Maryland & DC, especially a radio station out of Bethesda called 'HFS & that's about it. Oh, and we had a baby in Md., and now that baby has had a baby in sunny St. Paul from which i just returned. While I'm at it: Thanks for the great blog, Mr. Muleboy; it's a force for good in my life & others too i know.