Monday, January 21, 2013

I am one motherfucking lucky mule.

All of the fine women in my life were nice to yers truly today.  My lady friend had to go to a funeral [102-year-old aunt], but work tomorrow kept me from going.  So I went to see my youngest, who was the mostest fun.  We went car shopping   looking, zoomed around, and were close Pops and Dots.

ew, too cute.

On my drive home, my world-traveling daughter called just to clue me in to her [very busy] life.  At her age, I suspect I was too busy rehearsing in a basement to remember I had a dad.

When my day was done, I found that my lady friend had delayed her funeral just long enough to sneak a wonderful present in for yers truly.  Just the best.

My present was an old-man recliner.  Our couch is made for short, short people, and bends my knees funny.

A recliner.  A walker is around the corner. . . .


Lupner said...

Happy BIrthday, Mister Mule. In honor of our long friendship that goes waaaay back to those young and innocent days, I'll offer you one of those innocent kind of statements that has often provided you with less-than-innocent responses: It is good to recline.

You're welcome. And wishing you a most excellent year, my friend.

mister muleboy said...

Thank you, Lupner.

Thank you.

That one should last me months and months and months.

MOST excellent . . . !

tomanonymous said...

Walker?!? Where you gotta go in such a hurry?

tomanoymous said...

I kid.

......No, really, where you gots to go?

Lupner said...

Struggled against the need to correct grammar and lost. That should have been "that *have* often provided ... " yadayadayada. Just sayin'. Carry on.