Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stay Tuned

To borrow a colloquial phrase,

I'm working my ass off here.

And as associates and confidantes of the Mule can attest, it's a substantial -- nay, outsized! -- ass.

So my brilliant assessment of the debates, my insightful observations on the machinations of administration and its critics regarding events at the Libyan consulate, and my assessment of the artistic contributions of Seka to western culture

are all missing.

As are my stupid photos and other crap.

I am, in a word (well, an acronym) MIA

and fuck me if it ain't stressful.

So to keep my toe in the water, and your interest piqued 

I mean piqued

here is a photo:


I shall return.

 -- Douglas MacMule

photograph copyright 2012 mistermuleboy
all rights reserved


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

The good thing about insane work stress is that when you finally catch a break -- and eventually you will, i promise -- it feels SOOO damn good!

Hang tough, & thanks for the -- too me at this moment -- scary THX 1138 photo in which I gather that each ring leading up to the fading light is yet another ring of offices ... ay yi yi ...

Little Johnny Jewel said...

I was looking forward to your analysis of the debates.
Please finish doing whatever the hell is SO important so you can get back to the matter in hand.
Thank you.