Monday, September 10, 2012

We should be proud

Another prisoner in Gitmo died today.

We are the greatest country in the world:

we've seen nine prisoners die during their indefinite detention,
while we've convicted six.


And to borrow a fave phrase of the president's-- please don't respond with the false choice "what would you do? Let 'em go?"

We've stacked the deck enough; we should try them.
If we can't convict them before a
Military tribunal (with the prisoners having hamstrung counsel working uphill), *then* we let 'em go.

If our basis for locking up "Islamist extremists" is that they're middle-eastern muslims who would like to see US fail, we can lock up four or five million men between age 19 and 24. We can locate 'em in twenty minutes.

Tapping out a post on a phone is, of course, a recipe for disaster and an invitation for somebody to show I'm an idiot.

A peacenik idiot who doesn't live America

Bite me

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