Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nixon v. Romney

No; this isn't about 1968.

I'm just writing because I always found Mitt Romney, like his pops, particularly anti-Nixonian.

I've changed my mind.

Not because Romney is unabashedly trying to use the arms of government and his power to subvert the democratic process, but because

Romney is batshit crazy.

Or so it seems. . . .


Fred C. Dobbs said...

He didn't used to be. He was a decent, moderate Republican governor at one point.

I'm thinking it has something to do with running as the GOP nominee for president. Remember John McCain? I always thought he was OK, and then he got the nomination, and all the sudden he started doing batshit crazy things like suspending his campaign and picking an illiterate hoochbag for his running mate. When he said "The central front in the war on terror is Irag, because bin Laden said so" I officially declared him unfit for office.

Yesterday, I declared Mitt Romney mentally unfit for office.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

Vote for the black dude. I know he's the lesser evil. Not voting for him will help the "greater evil."

mister muleboy said...

Vote for the black dude. I know he's the lesser evil. Not voting for him will help the "greater evil."

Can't do it. I find him more (and much, much more likely to go all the way) Nixonian in the first sense described above.

I don't remember when I declared him unfit for office. I doubt it was when he spun on a dime as soon as he was exercising power (see: Libya); that seemed sad but predictable.

It was probably the last 18 months.
We can't wait is the same thing as saying I can't be bothered with the messy details of our Constitutional system; since I know I'm right, what I'm doing is also right. I suspect Nixon, in his twisted soul, told himself the same thing.

Which makes me think
He didn't used to be. He was a decent, moderate Republican governor at one point. is a lot like he didn't used to be. He was a decent, moderate Democratic senator at one point. . . .

With two men unsuited for office in the predominant parties, I'll have to go with my beliefs and principles, as conflicted and dissonant as they may be.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

Yeah, I know I'll never persuade you.

But, WOW.

I have some problems with BHO, but "unfit for office" strikes me as more than a tad extreme. I'm quite confident we are far better off with him than "Suit Dummy" (as Don Imus has apparently taken to calling him). The GOP has become The Lunatic Party and WMR has now fully become their Zombie.

Just looking at and comparing how each man handled the events of 9/11/12. I just hope this country doesn't make the same horrible mistake it made in 2000. It's going to take us generations to recover from the destruction wrought by Boosh (if we ever do). BHO has at least made a start in the right direction.

mister muleboy said...

I agreed with everything you said (while I still contend that BHO is unsuited for office), until you got to: BHO has at least made a start in the right direction. Everything that I might support and like in one direction is tarnished by BHO doubling-down on Boosh, going the wrong direction.

You've got me cranked up now about why BHO is unsuited. I offer more of my problems with him leading to that conclusion.

BTW, another hypothetical.

Boosh sought a tax cut and Congress refused to pass it. Boosh turned around and said "this country can't wait," and directed the IRS not to prosecute taxpayers who had shorted the government, but instead ordered them only to go after people who fabricated non-existent business losses to avoid any taxes. Use the IRS's resources most wisely. Boosh explained that the tax cuts he sought would be beneficial and help the economy, and were just the right thing to do because tax rates imposed by Congress were too high.

If that hypothetical had happened, my head would have exploded.

And just because I strongly favor and support BHO's position to avoid the removal of undocumented aliens who arrived before they were 16, and did nothing wrong except accompany their parents,
I can't abide his method and think it is reprehensible.*

*Before anyone raises issues of "prosecutorial discretion" and "assignment of limited resources," I'd urge them to read the president's remarks introducing the policy. The president made the general statement "what we’ve tried to do is focus our immigration enforcement resources in the right places," and never mentioned resources again. When asked why he was implementing the policy, resources were not discussed; he answered "Here’s the reason: because these young people are going to make extraordinary contributions, and are already making contributions to our society."

Again, I support the policy. But when you try to get a law changed to implement your policy, and you can't muster the votes and use your political powers to persuade the people and get those votes, you don't get to announce "well, it's good policy, so I'll enforce it and not the ones called for in the law."

You see? My objections aren't limited to assassination!

mister muleboy said...

I forgot to explicitly mention that the president's DREAM Act was not passed, and the law in place requires the removal of the aliens we're discussing.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

Yeah, OK I hear ya, whatever. Dream Act.

I'll still take him over the undead, flesh-eating Suit Dummy.

thingy said...

I'll say. He's also trying that Reagan head movement. Ick.

mister muleboy said...

I'm going to restrict posts making observations about Tge election season to weekends,

See ya tomorrow

mister muleboy said...

Yeah, OK I hear ya, whatever. Dream Act.

I won't take umbrage at the use of the dismissive "whatever." I'll assume that it's accompanying the words "Dream Act," which I assume also is dismissed.

My post doesn't really have anything to do with the Dream Act, of course -- t has to do with why I find Barack Obama unsuited for the office.

I gave the guy a little slack when he spun on a dime, and completely disregarded his comments as a senator on the limits of presidential authority to make war. You know, to make war in Libya. And to then actually have the balls to say what we were doing didn't involve hostilities. Before abandoning that canard and merely asserting his power without even attempting to justify it. After all, he was plainly stupid when he was just a senator, and he was keen and smart when he was president.

But I couldn't cut him slack when he utterly disregarded his own statements as president -- the express statement that he lacked the legal authority to unilaterally effect one of the changes he sought through legislation (the Dream Act).

Until he later turned on a dime and disregarded himself. To effect a new law by decree when he couldn't enact legislation.

The precarious balance that has existed for a couple of hundred years, where we argued back and forth like maniacs, but presidents observed limits on their powers, was bent and disfigured by Boosh. It's being pissed on by this president.

That's why I said he wasn't suitable for the office. Whatever.

I did, though, like "undead Suit Dummy."

I once described Dan Quayle as "a ballon with a face drawn on." But I now prefer Suit Dummy!

Fred C. Dobbs said...

OK, how 'bout now? :)