Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Before He Wrote Less Than Zero

Elvis Costello         Peter Sellers


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Hey! Ooh-hey-hey!

Anonymous said...

Scott, forgive my reaching you on your website but, if you don't already have plans, I have a spare ticket to Tuesday night's game. Fair warning, I will probably shout, boo, cheer, make shark jaws, dance, and, quite possibly, cry. Let me know.
Your pal, CB (you know, the one from FSL). Section 315, row A.

Scoreboard Scotty said...


I think I'll continue to most quickly make *this* association:

CB (you know, the one from WTW).

I know it's not the first that springs to mind, but my mind ain't so springy, and goes back to old places.

I would be pleased as punch to catch up at the Tuesday game (and to shout, boo, and make shark jaws. But dance? That's outrageously wrong. . . .), but I have an infusion appointment at 5:00 PM in Herndon, and the earliest I've ever left is at 6:15 (and I'm sometimes wiped out). 7:00 completion is more the norm. So I wouldn't really be able to make it, and Los Nacionales deserve someone who's really present.

Coffee at Barnes and Noble to wrap up our collective achievements (whatever they may be) and -- well, the Gahds of baseball and parking prohibit me from speaking further. . . .

Anonymous said...

Dear old pal from WTW,
Yes, coffee at B&N sometime later in October or November would be great. Meanwhile, take care and root root root for the Nats wherever you may be.
Take all good care of yourself.