Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Announcement to Newcomers

You know, because I was lucky enough to become part of the Gunslinger experience, hundreds of people stop by here just checking out who the doofus was with the photo of Connie Stevens in her bra (or something similar), and what his own blog looks like.

And I haven't got any permanent signage up to explain that this blog is dead.  Deader than a doornail.  But that I use it to hang pictures and to ejaculate ill-considered political, moral, and social views that haven't had six minutes thought put into them.

Hell, with dictation on an iPhone and a quick "send," I frequently hang something here that hasn'y had six seconds of thought put into it.

To all those visitors, I say. . . .  Sorry.

Oh, yeah: I almost forgot.

Atheism rules!

McDonalds serves shitty food.

here's a meaningless pic:

Politicians lie!

Cunnilingus rocks!

Where can you find fresh fortune cookies?

Is oriental really an insult, you occidental bastards?!?

Don. Rickles. Is. Gahd.

Okay; that's a pretty representative sampling of the last year's blog. . . .

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