Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week's Douchebag #4

I know what you're thinking: if Hank Williams Jr. was "this week's" douchebag, how can Todd Akin be "this week's" douchebag?

That's easy: I get to make up the rules!

It's a two-douchebag week here on the Mouth o' the Mule.

I'm not sure that I know what to say about Akin. My jaw rests below my chin on this one. . . .

"The Female Body  Missouri voters Hasve Ways to Shut That Whole Thing Down"




And if a legitimate rape is a bad thing, is an illegitimate rape a good thing?  I don't think so, but Akin logic may compel a different result. . .


Lupner said...

You can't make this stuff up. Every day in this Prez race makes we want to crawl farther under the covers.

Lupner said...

Lordy, forgive the 'Prez race' part of that -- I know he is a Senate candidate, dammit -- but it all seems intertwined, somehow. They're all scary and freakishly extreme, or wimbly-wambly as the devil. Back to the covers. Sigh.

Mythical Monkey said...

I'm sure he didn't make it up wholesale, he probably heard it or something like it or heard something and misinterpreted it -- which only underscores his unfitness for office, because if he'd believe something as patently idiotic as that and pass it along as truth without ever once stopping to think "You know, this is ridiculous," then what else is he going to swallow whole?

It's like, as you were saying at the ballgame the other night, if a judge tells you he's never once discussed Roe v. Wade, he's either a liar or too intellectually incurious and lazy to be on the Supreme Court. The statement, whether true or false, inherently disqualifies him from a lifetime appointment to anything.

Likewise, no matter what Akin thought he meant or how he arrived at such an outlandish opinion, he disqualified himself from holding public office for repeating it.

Erik Beck said...

Well, and there are two different bizarre things in this.

1 - The ethical. Clearly he thinks that a large number of rapes aren't "legitimate." Then, would he think those aren't crimes? And is he telling every woman who's gotten pregnant that way that they weren't really raped?

2 - The medical. Does he really believe this idiotic nonsense? Because if the body really worked that way, wouldn't you also just prevent your body from getting pregnant at other times?

It boggles the mind.

Erik Beck said...

Oh, and save me from Blogger's captchas!!!! If you want me to get it right, you have to make it readable you stupid site.

Not your fault Mule - the Monkey has the same issue and it just drives me nuts.

As evidenced by the fact that I had to do both my last comment and this one twice, since I couldn't figure out what the captcha said.

Mythical Monkey said...

Oh, and save me from Blogger's captchas!!!! If you want me to get it right, you have to make it readable you stupid site.

Yeah, blogger went with this new and "improved" device to prevent robo-spamming, but it's virtually unreadable. And yet without it, the spam comments are overwhelming -- some of which are links to sites so dangerous, Norton briefly flagged my blog as a malicious site until I went through and deleted them all.

Mythical Monkey said...

I did some more reading about this Akin buffoon -- far from parroting something stupid off the top of his head in answer to a question he wasn't prepared to answer, eliminating the rape exception to anti-abortion laws is more or less his raison d'être. His gaffe is the classic political kind -- saying what you really think to the wrong audience.

Indeed, last year, every Republican (including VP candidate Paul Ryan) in the House of Representatives plus 18 Democrats, voted to add the word "forcible" to the rape exception that otherwise prohibits federal funding for abortions -- as if, what, some rapes are more "rapey" than others?

Which suggests to me that Republican outrage at Akin is somewhat disingenuous. They aren't upset by what he believes -- they believe the same thing -- they're mad he said it out loud in a way that reveals the uninformed, Neanderthal thinking underlying one of their policies.

One need not gild the lily by saying that Republicans are waging a war on women to say that they want to repeal the last 50+ years of American culture. That's a serious enough charge for me.

mister muleboy said...

One need not gild the lily by saying that Republicans are waging a war on women to say that they want to repeal the last 50+ years of American culture. That's a serious enough charge for me.

Ah, reminds me of my lengthy comment-discussions with the Juvenile Buffoon and Jestaplero about the Boosh administration. I couldn't understand the utility of arguing that the administration had knowingly lied about many things -- which might be disputed -- when the undisputed evidence of stupidity, carelessness, and disregard was so patent.

Similarly, I don't really get the "war on women" language. Actually specifying the individual things that are (1) said about women, (2) introduced as legislation, or (3) written in position papers and op-ed pieces strikes me as so much more damning than saying "war against women." The "War on XxX" is one of the more hollow phrases around, and ultimately means little.
He advocates restricting abortions for victims of "date-drug rapes" and "acquaintance rapes under fear of forcible rape", OR he thinks that there are "legitimate rapes" and other rapes, OR he says that the bodies of women who are legitimately raped don't get pregnant because their bodies magically "do something" about pregnancy flattens me, where "he's joining the war on women" doesn't. For me, it equates what Akin's doing with a blowhard entertainer demonizing a student/advocate with whose testimony he disagrees.

Even there, GOP mouthpiece calls a student a "slut" because she advocates dispensing birth control without charge just gets watered down with "war on women" IMnot-so-HO.

The again, people might not read past the first sentence, or listen to the fifteen seconds of a news report on what Akin said. They just want their bumper sticker?

I think not.

In this case, I think that it is "gilding the lily" to trumpet the war on women. But it really serves the bad guys by not hammering the ugly details of what somebody said and why they said it.

-- dictated in about one minute. "Ejaculation" indeed. . . .

mister muleboy said...

paragraph 4 should have quotation marks around "legitimately" to show that it's nonsensical bullshit.


Now *that's* a compelling, thoughtful argument on the ideas.

Lupner said...

Dumbasses. The 'forcible' rape idiocy is so effing blatantly idiotic ... AAUUUGH!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Lupner said...

Except that I find arguments above most thoughtful and points are well-taken. But it does come down to the douchebagginess of the entire business. Idiots.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Re blogger's captchas: i spend no time trying to figure out anything difficult (but perhaps I have said too much) but instead just keep rapid-hitting the "try again" refresh thing as i say rapidly until something clear comes up -- which it does, usually within 7-8 fast clicks.

Re Akin: Fish, Barrel, Smoking Gun. You can't even find a Republican who owns up to Akin, though Democrats sure wish they could find at least one. There's bigger game out there, game that's much more un-PC, much more worthy of the Mule's mighty muleness: but ... you first. Personally, I'm afeared and I'm not kidding.

mister muleboy said...

Fish. Barrell.

Who, one trip to Facebook will prove to you that there are a lot of people steadfastly shooting fish in a barrel. And harpooning 'em.

And by crikey there are a lot of fish lately. . . .