Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I haven't posted anything on the Gunslinger site in a long time.  But that's because Tom Sutpen is freaking on fire and I don't want to add unnecessary ballast to his runaway ship. . . .


Mister Parker said...

I had noticed that. He was absent from his own blog for a long time and now he's back with a vengeance.

Mister Parker said...

You know, we'd save a lot of time if we just blogged jointly instead of having to go back and forth from one comment section to the other.

We could call it Trash From The Binky Can ...

Get mister bellotoot involved and we'd never have to get together again.

Tom Sutpen said...

What the . . . ?

Who CARES if I'm on fire? Jaysus! Post anything and everything you want, and don't let my level of bloggin' interfere with it.

Thassan order!

mister muleboy said...

Who CARES if I'm on fire?

Oh, I most assuredly do. I am just blown away by the awesome, awesome stuff that I'm seeing.

But understanding the context of the question:

Jaysus! Post anything and everything you want, and don't let my level of bloggin' interfere with it

It's the "you want" part that's involved involved. I really haven't been in a position (logistically, emotionally, spiritually) to find things to post; indeed, I'm not really able even to see things right. SO I haven't wanted to post anything -- everything in my gravitational pull (ample) is currently wan and unfocused. Just a function of my life outside the blogosphere

(I hesitate to call it "real" life -- the blogosphere is real life, just without the handjobs.),

which I'm hoping to remedy.

So your the recent depth o' the Gunslinger hasn't really been the impediment. But I do know that it would be impaired by most of the things I "see" these days.

On the good side o' things: I was in the archives and saw that someone had removed from Flickr one of Greg's photos, and I've had that one and always enjoyed it, so I was able to do some restoration. Dipping my toe back into the human pool, as it were.

truth be told,
I mainly linked my "lull" to your flame just to get m' pals to hustle on over to really look closely. Mister Parker and I had conversed about some of the images, and I didn't want anybody else to miss anything.

But I follow orders, so I will be back even before completing my search for the Holy Grail (a Bebe Buell sandwich with Don Rickles and John Lennon as the bread) (I doubt it exists, but I don't want to give up hope. . . .)

thanks for the order, though -- it'll help!

Tom Sutpen said...

You sound like you're exactly where I was about 9-10 months ago, when there were times that I would look at Gunslinger and wonder if I'd ever post anything there again.

Piece of advice: If it comes down to just having no ideas, then go on a site like Corbis or Getty Images or Flickr or Tumblr and do more or less random searches on specific years. Scroll through until you see something that intrigues you, and then start random searches on keywords related to that. You'll find more than you think you will that way (I always have).