Monday, July 9, 2012

I always feel self-conscious and awkward criticizing Barry Obama

I fear people will assume they understand all of my views

And will attribute to me positions, values, and attitudes that I reject or abhor

But I don't let that stop me

And I wonder if I should devote lotsa space to explaining all that's wrong wit Mitt

But I never voted for mitt, nor will I, and I don't feel disappointed and betrayed by him

And, unbelievably, I find Mitt *less* cynical than my [former] guy Barry

I spent a lot of time hating Boosh, and a lot if time booing Barry

I just lack the energy to point out that Mitt is a douchenozzle o' epic proportions.

I could also point out that the sun rises in the East

And besides, he hasn't targeted and murdered any US citizens yet, so I'll get to him if and when


War is Over (if you want)

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