Tuesday, July 17, 2012

boy, that mitt romney's doing a bang-up job of framing the narrative of the campaign.

he's making kerry (and his response to the swiftboat ads) look like patton

except that romney had eight years to know this was coming.  if he can't refute outsourcing without making it a debate on dates, how the fuck will he ever have the political skills to give this president a good run?


Mister Parker said...

Well, it's like the brouhaha with his tax returns. If he'd released them a year ago -- ten years worth or all of them back to when he pumped gas in a filling station -- we'd have discovered that he is, get this, rich. Instead, it's a steady noise helping to drown out his message (whatever that may be) and now even Republican governors are saying release them already.

Yes, it would be nice if presidential candidates could enjoy a certain amount of privacy. But the boat sailed on that a long time ago and if he's that thinned skinned, maybe he should look for a different kind of job.

But that's just me.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

It's baffling. This is the fourth time he's gotten beaten up badly over Bain: in '94 vs. Kennedy, the '02 Mass governor's race, and the '08 primaries. Doesn't exactly...speak to his perparedness.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

Or his preparedness.

Mister Parker said...

It's baffling. This is the fourth time he's gotten beaten up badly over Bain

Yeah, it's not like he getting blindsided. You'd think somewhere along the line he would have come up with a way to address it.

Bellotoot said...

Why the hell did he get involved with Barbara Bain in the first place?

Mister Parker said...

Barbara Bain

Isn't she bad guy in the new Batman movie?