Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Under Construction

while this blog thing has been in decline for years, it seems nigh moribund.

this is because the authors are involved in all of the diifficult shit that adult persons [you know, those without time for blogs and rock and roll and their friends and their jobs and their lives] have to deal with.

Moribund parents.  Moribund pursuits.

Moribund may be overused here, but not misused. . . .

Anyway, upon the death of declining parent and upon the completion of other sorry tasks, I promise a lotta pictures of nude broads and ugly rock-and-rollers, as well as some poorly written movie reviews and a few meaningless exhortations to buy some "records" released by "musicians."

This old man shit really sucks.

Although I must admit that I've slid into it much more easily than I would have assumed.

I bet that's only happened to

every man (who has reached a ripe old age) who has lived for the last 200,000 years


Lupner said...

Moribund -- an excellent and yet sucky word. Your friends are thinking of you and wishing for less trying times to come your way.

Anonymous said...

echoing Lupner. I am sorry for your loss (such a shite phrase). I know these times throw unanticipated questions at us. Take care, take courage,