Monday, March 26, 2012

The Return

Here I go -- again cranking up the Mule Droppings.

As a few of you know, a Mule Insider – actually, somebody who’s been there from the start of my adult life – has been diagnosed with a nasty, dangerous, and very serious disease. This has weighed on me since he revealed it to me [in a comment on one of my stupid posts here – Jesus, we are two of the dumbest guys in the world for how we’ve stayed in touch. But I digress. . .].

But I’m glad to report that Biff has his shit together, and is working with his docs to kick ass. Which has been met with resistance by the rebellious parts of his body, but we could see a steely glint in his eyes.

Of course, that may have been the presence of yours truly, Don Bubble, and tomananonymous. I had a fucking glint in my eye more than once, and nearly had a gat in my fist. Bubble is a palooka, and he wanted to take on my atheism.

But I again digress. . . .
tomanonymous and Biff in finer fettle

Anyway, Biff’s laughter, smiling eyes, and guitar-playing remain in full bloom. A new album is in the works, possibly revealing some

[yes, Waterslide, I did call it an album -- be glad I didn’t call it a long-player]

older material revisited with the accumulated wisdom and skills [okay, cynicism and fumblefingers] of our advancing years.

For those of you inquiring about a way to contact Biff, please inquire by direct email.*

This getting old shit is really not all it’s cracked up to be.

Or maybe it is. . . .

*please don't write me to inquire about my mad Photoshopping skills

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Lupner said...

Am very sorry to hear this confirmed. But I am glad to hear about the steely glint, the music, and reconnection of friends ... sending good thoughts Biff's way.