Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not just mud on the glass. Lead paint, maybe. . . .

[advisory --- I am not a right-wing nut-job, nor am I a dedicated Obama hater. I liked the guy, voted for him, and don't detest all of his policies in my desire to return to some imaginary state o' the nation, circa 1894 where robber barons eat children and women cart water and make babies. Having hopefully established my bona fides as a sane person, I hereby admit that the guy's autocratic approach dismays me.]

I thought I'd veer away from my normal rant about the despotic Obama trampling on civil liberties and occasionally granting us the privilege of not having his powers applied to us. You know, the guy who reluctantly accepted the power to detain us indefinitely without due process; well, he was reluctant except for the part where he insisted that democratic senators retain the language. And the guy who assassinates US citizens without due process -- and doesn't bother to explain his rationale or justify the action until six months later, through a mealy-mouthed AG.

But pointing that out makes me seem petty.

Today, I'll just direct you to an article from Politico discussing how unwilling the administration is to reveal information.

An article explaining how this transparent administration is anything but.

(you may have guessed that I'm a little dissatisfied with my candidate)

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dude you sound like I would sound if I was (were? i think it's were) a better writer. I also relate to the part where you forgot to add the link or, I hope it goes without saying, if you did add it and I missed it (always a distinct possibility) I of course relate to that too.