Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wig Shoppe and Nightclub 9:30

Here is a photo of the 9:30 club, at least as it existed in 1920.

A keen eye can make out Atlanti on the awning next to 928 F. Street.  Yes, 'twas the entrance to the Atlantis Building.  The portal to that long hall of bad smells and good music.

Goddammit I miss that place.

I probably saw four shitty shows at the old 9:30 of the approximately 120 that I attended.

I've seen four good ones, or at least "shows that I enjoyed," at the new 9:30.

Grumble grumble old man wheeze grumble snort ahem

You can peel over to Shorpy and see the super hi-res, super big version, in which the wig shop next to the 9:30 [the wig shop was the site of the banning from 9:30 of a couple o' Black Market Babies. . .] is revealed to have once been: "The Bootery," home of fine footwear.

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