Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Rockin' Rollercoaster

Friends and fair readers:

I've not been fair, but instead fair-weather.  A fair-weather blogger who posts only when things are going well.

By the dearth of posts since 2011, and by the crap that I posted during that year, you probably assume that I've been dead since 2004.

You might be right!

Anyway, I am having a ton of fun over at the Charlie Parker site (which insiders lovingly refer to as "the Gunslinger" -- so naturally I still call it "Charlie Parker"), but find that the search for images that I'd like to share there is . . . taxing.

In other words, it's work.

The best day job a guy could have, of course.

Anyway, I wish to update that I seem to have tamed the clinical depression that re-appeared a few months ago; modifying psychoactive pharmaceuticals is a lot like tuning an engine, I guess.

[in my case, a moped engine]

But I have my hands full with the care and feeding, literally, of a dying, demented old broad I call "mom" -- the problem with older folks (well, it's a problem with all of us, but there's greater evidence and an accelerated rate as you age) is that

one never gets better.  Maybe there's a brief period of stabilizing, but it's a long, not always slow, descent.  And it, too, is taxing.

So I'm not really around much to share my brilliant political insights ("Obama is the new dictator, and is running against wannabe dictators with interesting hair and intentionally thick ideas!"), or my wonderful, keen  musical commentary ("the Sex Pistols were powerful!"  "the Replacements were sloppy!"  "jazz is interesting but not too visceral!"), or just my great understanding of human sexuality ("pleasure is really great, and reproduction is really important, but we make it even more complicated than that!").

I'm sorry to deny you all of that. . . .

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