Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rollin' Down the Highway

So as I've noted

  complained before, I have a 49-mile commute (each way) in order to show up where everybody else in my office works.

I got really, really crafty, and divined a different route, through the small towns of Vermont



my state of residence. A couple'a short patches of 30 mph small-town speeds/big city speed cameras requiring my concentration, but otherwise pleasant enough. This route is just 44 miles each way!


I noticed today an impossible set of circumstances.

I drive 44 miles, with a substantial portion not on Interstate, and I

don't pass a single 7-Eleven.

For our friends in Minnesota, California, and Georgia, I can' speak authoritatively about the ubiquity of 7-Elevens, but I'll tell you that they were Starbucks before Starbucks was Starbucks: they're EVERYwhere.

Except, apparently, upon my new route.

And if you think 7-Eleven coffee tastes bad, try some from your neighbourhood BP station. . . .

[hey, wait; I go 44 miles without passing a fucking Starbucks!]

[another post awaits my crafting]


Mrs. Premise said...

Ah but you fail to take into consideration that in the state where you reside the 7-11, et alia may not sell legal beverages whereas in your previous state they could.

Can't make a lot of scratch selling Ding Dongs.

There. I've run rings around you logically.

Mythical Monkey said...

You know, you and I are old enough to remember the days when the swill 7-11 offered up was the best coffee a commuter could buy ... while we were walking to work twenty miles uphill barefoot in the snow.

mister muleboy said...

You can make a shitload of money selling coffee and those little tacquito things.

I have experienced the longest lines imaginable [for a 7-Eleven) at a 7-Eleven offering no alcoholic beverages at all. Itinerant worker,s firemen, and commuters rack up a boatload of sales.

Not sure what the rpfits are, of course, but the revenue stream must be amazing.

mister muleboy said...

you and I are old enough to remember the days when the swill 7-11 offered up was the best coffee a commuter could buy

I think maybe "only" would apply. I remember a time that McDonalds didn't open for breakfast until around 8:00 (I think I can remember pre-breakfast as well, but I didn't drink a lot of coffee then).

I would hitch my wagon to the rail outside my local 7-Eleven, and mosey in for some java.