Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm finally snapping

As I drove on an errand last night, I was struck by this thought:

Ever since the first time I stepped into a recording studio [not pictured here], I've never heard records in the same way I had before.  I still enjoy music,
but listening to any recording automatically sets me to wondering what mic was used, listening for sweetening of the sound, listening for glorious double-tracking on vocals,

occasionally being offended by too much compression on an instrument, and generally just

getting stuck in process.

I can't help it; it's just what happens. And it certainly has changed the experience.

So do physicists drive around

looking at the barn on their right and the upcoming stoplight marveling

at how vast the universe is, and how unappreciably insignificant everything that we can observe is
, universe-wise?

Do atomic physicists drive around wondering what the infinite number of other thems is doing in the alternative universes postulated by string theory?

And if they do, do they suppose that the infinite number of thems is also trying to get laid?

These thoughts occupy me. . . .

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Mythical Monkey said...

I don't know what physicists think about, but I do know that sometimes when I'm out walking the dog it occurs to me that somewhere in the multiverse, the dog is walking me.