Sunday, February 5, 2012

I watched more rugby ( the Sevens World Series, Scotland v USA) than Super Bowl tonight

Ten minutes of rugby, zero of Super Bowl.

It wasn't to be cool, it was just more interesting to me

I haven't seen much Super Bo since 1990.
A little in 1999.

Why am I telling you this shit?


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I watched the Super B -- by accident, because they streamed it online ... have to say, to my dismay, it was ... Grrrrreat.

Seriously, who'd a thunk it? Not me. I'm a college FB fan, pay no attention to the pros, but ... hooya.

Oh -- you're telling us this shit because it's interesting, silly. Jeez, do i have to explain everything?

mister muleboy said...

Who, I'm not sorry that I didn't miss a great Super Bowl; I missed a great opera that same night, I'm sure, but it,too, did not move me.

I'm not quite sure where or when my general dislike of football arose. I played as a little kid (left tackle), I followed for years (although I never supported the hometown team; I'd lived earlier in a rival's city).

I just stopped liking the huge, amped up, ballistic-plastic-protected players -- all specialists -- having their little five second explosions followed by 45 seconds of analysis, coaching, and prep for the next explosion of five seconds. And don't forget the minutiae of the rules!

I started to like Australian Rules football -- at least what I saw of it -- because of the relatively constant action, the apparent "two-way" skills of the players, the need to kick the ball competently. . . .

I'd always liked the world's football -- soccer -- and realized during the World CUp that there's a ground game (the dribblers), an air game (the booming midfielders and defensemen, and the gifted "catchers" with chest and knees), some specialized plays, and tough, stout defense. All governed by effectively no stoppage of play, and about three rules total.

Rugby was fun last night, because I generally understand the rules, it provides near-constant action, I didn't know the players, and the announcers did little talking.

OTOH, I could sit and listen/watch a baseball game from 1983 or 2001 for the twentieth time without my interest flagging. SO I like catsup, but not mayonnaise. . . .