Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love the Internet

There is just NO END to the great stuff that I would gladly have drooled over the last thirty-five years, but somehow missed.

Here's a taste of that:  a live rendition of So It Goes by Rockpile.  From the Midnight Special, 'natch.

And don't brag that you've seen it that last xx years; I've got some shit that you haven't seen.

That's how it goes in this world of ours.

PS Is that a Fender bass, or a Music Man masquerading as a Fender?  The pickup position doesn't register with me.  Help me out, folks. . . .


Lupner loves a Pile of Rock said...

I've got nothing brilliant to say, just wanna say that I LOVE those guys ... what a fantastic clip!!!

Little Johnny Jewel said...

isn't it a Telecaster bass with a Gibson EB pick-up?

Quite appropriate for your idiom, I would say.

tomanonymous said...

Tele bass ('68-'72?) with stock HB. Original P-bass headstock & body shape with a neck HB and plastic control plate.

Just sayin'