Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gahd Bless the NYPD and Our Government

I think that it's really great that the NYPD has conducted surveillance of muslims throughout . . well, throughout the country.

Muslims are really bad people.

And I know that since Timothy McVeigh killed hundreds of people in Oklahoma that the NYPD has been conducting surveillance of Christians, who are plainly dangerous and merit scrutiny.  I think they should track white people generally.

And atheists are undermining our American way of life, and their progress should be followed.

You know, those Jews in Israel are not following our foreign policy down the line, so the Jews here should be followed; they all think alike, those Jews.

Okay -- I may be overstating things a little bit.

But for all you know, I'm not. And when an industry builds up [police! bureaucrats! security contractors! secret appropriations! Grants slipped through without fanfare!], why exactly wouldn't they take those common-sense steps to keep you safe?

My great pal and co-public-events-geekery mate recently tried to poke me by observing (when I complained that the state had empowered itself to come after me) you've been saying that for twenty years! And. . . ?

I submit that I've been saying it for twenty years, and it's come true. And will be darker before we know it.


by the way, the police chief has justified what the NYPD has done [following people in states away from New York, because those people are . . . muslim. And monitoring Muslim websites form universities around the Northeast] by explaining that it's OUR FAULT that we're too stupid to remember how bad 9/11 was. Why, he's saving lives:

Mr. Kelly suggested that criticism from political candidates amounted to “pandering” that ignored the department’s core mission. “What we’re trying to do is save lives, and the tactics and strategies that we’ve used on the streets of this city have indeed saved lives,” he said. [NY Times]
Now when will this motherfucker realize that he can save a lot more lives if the cops could stop and arrest anyone they think isn't behaving properly?  And we'd be safer with a curfew, by Gahd!

Oh, yeah:  this amazingly "progressive" President has "no opinion" as the administration helps fund this surveillance.

A change we can believe in

I love our American exceptionalism. . . .

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Mister Parker said...

I still say that when Google starts collecting together all your personal info on Thursday and turns around and sells it to the Russian mob on Friday because it will increase the shareholders' dividend by 3 cents that we'll realize that the Big Brother Orwell was talking about was the multinational corporation ...

You know, and I say that as a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist and owner of many blue chip stocks.