Monday, January 2, 2012

A Wish for a Happy New Year
. . . and an explanation

There are precious few of you who've stuck by me the last seven years as I've maneuvered through my life and documented it, Peter-North-like, on this blog [sadly, few of my regular readers will grasp the reference].  And if you've stuck by it, you've probably also wondered "why?"

I've largely dropped my brilliant, prescient, other-wordly political posts and observations --  few people "our age" seem interested in changing his or her mind, nor being educated, nor really engaging.  A survey of the political observations by most (non-preofessional) bloggers shows a studied use of the word "blame" and a quick indictment of whatever "side" the blogger disagrees with.  I don't care to do that, as I find that all sides of the political system are fucked up, and wrong, and I've come to realize that a principled approach to politics and governance is assuredly an approach of disappointment and incorporation of contradictory principles or competing goals.

I've dropped my amazing, too-thoughtful-and-tasteful posts about music, largely because I'm moved by very little music, and have little to add.  I don't really like live music, and while I'm pleased that my friends of a certain age still make music, and it gives them pleasure, their live performances don't really move me and I rarely think they're trying to say anything.

I don't review movies anymore -- I don't have a vocabulary, and am ashamed at my pedestrian approach to the form.

Anything cool that I find out in the world I now place on the Gunslinger site; since it's always been my absolute favorite place to live in the web, I'm eager to see if I can avoid dragging it down.

And I don't post original photos anymore because they bore me.

So Happy New Year!

btw, I heartily recommend The Artist.  I was helped by reading about lots of viewers who were disappointed because their expectations had been raised too much. I got the second lash of that roller coaster, and went in expecting a little less.

Instead I got a clever, fun, emotional ride about characters I cared about.

I should never again spend a second with a silent movie on a TV screen:  I have enough trouble with movies with sound if I'm not in a theater.

In a theater, a silent movie is a fucking joy.

And here is photo that I tripped across that I thought I'd share with you -- my mad Photoshop skills are on display, of course:

please click to enlarge

photos nearby: mister muleboy

Oh, I forgot to mention that Rustbuckit will be playing the Black Cat Saturday night (the main room), and everyone is encouraged to get out and hear them, because they're smoking.

Big Balls Poster by Gavin Smith. Photo by Jason Goodrich.
Also, tickets are going to be gone soon for Big Balls performing the High Voltage lp in its entirety (I assume the US/Int'l release, and not the original Aussie indie disc which is so different. . . .).  Opening will be Out of Order, who you've heard me encourage you to support.  They're a blistering but melodic trio of young women ripping through their punk.  New lp to be produced by the Jestaplerodobbsfoon.  This show will rock, so don't fuck around and wait to get your tickets.

Although Brooklyn NY is a sleepy town, so you might wanna skip it. . . .

And finally:  Finally.  Rick Santorum ascends, giving me a politician running for president who I know loves me.


Oh.  Happy New year, everybody


Fred C. Dobbs said...

Thanks for the plug, Big Guy. HappyEndofTimes to you, too...

[Word verification: Uborized. As in..."I been uborized! He'p me!"]

Fred C. Dobbs said...

Oh: we are playing the US/int'l edition of HIGH VOLTAGE. (Although for pacing purposes, we have flipped the first and last songs, and added a non-LP song for a -hopeful!- encore.

I find HIGH VOLTAGE to be as purely bracing and intense as NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS (especially considered in context), and almost as subversive!

Fred C. Dobbs said...

PS. I like this blog. I like you; I (we, I'm sure) hope both of you stick around for quite a while.

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