Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Play for Affection is a tasty treat

So our friend M. Doyon of Wampus Multimedia does a really good job of publicizing the acts on his label, marketing them in a way that spurs curiosity while simultaneously creating certainty that you're open to embracing the band.  I wouldn't know the MayBees from a hole in the wall without Wampus, nor would I know Kowtow Popoff or The Matthew Show.  And that's some fine music that I'm glad I know.

Is this Doyon character just a little bit shy when it comes to pushing Arms of Kismet, which features his fascinating songwriting?  I think maybe he is.

So let me do it for you.

Play for Affection by Arms of Kismet
Get PLay for Affection.  This record rocks.  But more importantly, it rolls.  Not just "roll" in the old-fashioned sense of the awesome rhythm of humping your loved one (well, loved one at that moment, anyway).  (you didn't think "rock and roll" was coined to describe anything else, did you?)  But "roll" in terms of a roller-coaster of thought-provoking emotion.  As we've often noted here, I don't know lyrics from sand -- they're out there, I just don't notice them.  But I listen to -- and enjoy -- these lyrics immensely.  This is music you can drive to, can bounce to, or can listen to on headphones with the lights down low.

Take a trip over here and take a taste of these little morsels.  But then do the right thing and buy the fucking album -- you won't regret it.

I dig this goddamned thing a ton.

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Lupner said...

Hear, hear! And I mean that literally.