Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Love Jazz

Since I hated jazz for about 44 years, I guess I should make amends by proclaiming my love for it now.

I'd still rather listen to Never Mind the Bollocks or My Aim Is True, but I could sit in a room and listen to these cats (pictured) for hours.

Unless I got sweepy. . . .

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Little Johnny Jewel said...

top notch picture.

wish I'd been there.

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I hated it for longer then you Mr. Mule, and really only ever got hip to it on account of hitting a memorably long period of temporary cash flow issues where i couldn't afford to go to a rock club with a big honking cover charge but I could get into any number of great jazz places for nuthin' or close to it, and get right close to the musical action too & ... aw, you know the rest. But live jazz is an unbelievable musical bargain ... pls. check it out, all you recession weary people.