Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back Up and Running

Sorry that we went black yesterday, but as my banner indicated, the proposed piracy legislation tilts everything in favor of shutting down offenders rather than, oh, I don't know, balancing by requiring proof of offenses prior to imposing weird discipline.  Like, again, the seemingly unbalanced Shut-down of all payment systems to an "offending" site.

I suspect that in six months, substantially similar legislation will pass while we're all out having a smoke or beating off to old Cinemax late-nights.

Um, did I say  type that out loud?

Anyway, the battle's joined, but it's not over.

And as you rip off content right and left, know that you're THE PROBLEM and not the answer.

Anyway, I'd type more, but Cinemax On-Demand beckons. . . .


Lupner said...

Don't want you to think I didn't support you in your quest -- or the quest itself -- by commenting on previous post on dark day. Did not see you were dark until after commenting, as connected thru Wampus link on FB to post v. site ... yer pal, DL

thingy said...

Of course, the day I wanted to comment. Blank.

Yes, we are all thieves. Do you get paid for a job you did five years ago? I just don't understand why artists are allowed to get paid over and over again for their work.

Stay out of the sun mister muleboy.