Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Actors Are Damned Good

SO Actor's Equity in New York (as well as Equity in London) gives out, annually, the Clarence Derwent Award to honour the most promising theatrical performer.

In the U.S., here are some of the winners:

Tom Ewell
Ray Walston
Fritz Weaver
George C. Scott
George C. Scott
Gene Wilder
Gene Wilder
Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman
Christopher Walken
Austin Pendleton
James Woods
Morgan Freeman
John Malkovich
John Mahoney
Robert Stanton
Robert Stanton
Billy Crudup.

Some of my fave film performers, ever, show up in this list.  I wish I could have seen the performances for which the award was given.

Good company.


Lupner said...

Yes, that is a wonderful list -- esp. fond of the Genes W. and H. And omigosh, what a lovely photo of Gene Hackman ... sigh. Did I ever tell you about how he held the door open for my aunt once at the movies? Sigh.

mister muleboy said...

Did I ever tell you about how he held the door open for my aunt once at the movies? Sigh.

Why no, Lup, you haven't -- but you could tell us all, right here.

Please do!

Lupner said...

My mom's youngest sister used to live in Santa Fe back in the early 90s, which is where GH lives at least some of the time. So she went to the movies, and as she was walking in, he was walking out (or perhaps vice versa, can't recall), and he gallantly held the door for her (no surprise) -- and she had the presence of mind to say, "Thank you, Mr. Hackman. I very much admire your work!" And he smiled and said, "Thank you."

The end. Swoon.

But if you'll allow me to go tangential -- a rare occurrence, I know -- one of my favorite stories was my mom's meet-up with Steve Martin in Santa Monica several years ago. She was walkin' down the main drag and saw him loading his bicycle into/onto his car, and walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, Mr. Martin, can you tell me the way to the ocean?" Which was about 5 blocks away in plain sight. And he very politely pointed and said, "It's right over there," and she said, "Thank you!" and he said, "You're welcome," and smiled. God bless him.