Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My TV Watchings

A high-def TV that's really hi-def can suffer from "Soap Opera Syndrome" (where everything is preternaturally sharp), and it can occasionally distract.

But it can be three-dimensional (without those 3D glasses and shyte), and amazin.  Especially for old stuff.

I was watching the first episode of Mission: Impossible last weekend..  It looked awesome.  WHile Cinammon Carter ain't my type, she was the bomb.  I could see every pore on (guest-starring) Martin Landau's face.  Marty hadn't joined the Impossible Missions Force yet.
And I enjoyed seeing "that dude who was the leader before Peter Graves."

At least, that's how I knew him.

But when I heard the voice, I freaked out.

I offer you -- Steven Hill:

please click to enlarge

Wow.  I didn't put those two faces together.  He went from being an international criminal (of course, he fought for the GOOD GUYS!  We assume. . .) to being the Manhattan DA.

Whatta comedown.

BTW, I have the comic book cover because, in a search for content to fill the voracious Gunslinger site, I had to raid my storage space and liberate my comics.  Yes, I own this one (it sucked, as did most Dell's. . .), and others.

I've posted panels over at Gunslinger (which I called "Charlie Parker" for years, but have dropped since no one knows what the fuck I'm talking about).

I grew up to tack comic books to a virtual wall.  My dead dad would be so proud.

Actually, he'd say "we hauled those goddamned comic books all over the world, I'm glad they're good for something !" and then look at me with a grin.

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Lupner said...

Thumbs up to Mission Impossible -- one of my favorite opening sequences of all time -- comic books, Steven Hill, and your dad. Not necessarily in that order.