Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I don't believe in lots of stuff, but I believe in love and connection to my fellow travelers.

So merry christmas to all.

I no longer entertain uch in this space, and I'm through arguing about politics or current events -- you're all as convinced that you're right as I'm convinced I'm right.


Anyways,  I love you all, and hope you're happy and with loved ones.

Enjoy your time here before you die and it's concluded.

I don;t say this from a dark place; it's not perverse.  It's the best, most loving thing I can offer: this is your one shot -- squeeze every thrill and beautiful moment out of it that you can.

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Thanks for the good wishes & thanks for a great year of blogging; my year was better for it. Yes, fellow traveler, for your close friends & loved ones life is very short & there's no ti-i-i-ime ... but for the rest of us your political rants and raves are not so useless as you may think i don't think -- they make me think, i think -- and you know that don't come eeezay

Bellotoot said...

This is our one shot?

He knows about it!

Lupner said...


Fred C. Dobbs said...

I'm through arguing about politics or current events -- you're all as convinced that you're right as I'm convinced I'm right.

I'm going to call bullshit on this comment.

Since I'm basically the only person left who responds to your occasional political posts (I regret MythMonk seems to have dropped out, I always enjoy his political takes) this comment is obviously directed at me (you and me).

I don't think you have a good basis to allege that I'm "convinced I'm right" and all that suggests, i.e. that I a have closed my minds to differing viewpoints and that my political beliefs are set in stone.

In fact, I read all kinds of political writing from all different persepctives, and often my opinion is shaped by the last, most persuasive piece that I've read. While my views are basically center-left, same as they were when I was growing up, there are some huge exceptions and I've come to where I am not by being close-minded but by rigorous testing and re-consideration of all my long-held beliefs.

I think you may be mistaking forceful argument for intransigence. Aye, there's the rub, because I find that I myself am most often persuaded away from a previously-held belief from passionate, forceful argument.

Look, if you just don't feel like posting about politics anymore because you don't feel like it, are tired of my haranguing, or because you *you're* convinced you're right, or what have you, that's fine. But please don't include me in the class of the intransigent.

Exchange of ideas is the democratic way! Look, Greg, you can criticize me all you want, but I'm not going to sit here while you bad-mouth



Fred C. Dobbs said...

Sorry about all the typos. I hit send when I meant to hit preview. I'm an idiot, but at least I'm your idiot.

mister muleboy said...

Fred: Sorry, sir, but you are 100% off on this.

I often use you in conversation as a "type" [a left-of-center person engaged in observing government and politics, with strongly held and vigorously argued positions], so you definitely qualify as someone I think of when I refer to blogland political arguments. Why, I might sit at a Chipotle and say to Bellotoot "[Dobbs] would say this because he . . ." or "[Dobbs] is quick to support . . ." In fact, I do. You are used as the other side of my coin, as it were.

But this post and its comment, as well as my New Year's post, didn't remotely have you in mind. They in fact had in mind someone we both know who never posts about politics -- not because I was actually writing to her, but she is the picture of who I thought about as I wrote.

This comment isn't really about "winning" arguments or pulling people to my thoughts on an issue. It goes more to what principles animate others' political views.

I can maybe "win an argument" with someone that "the president really sought to do x at that time, despite reports that he was interested in y." But I'm not going to persuade anyone to value individual liberty over increased collective safety, or value an agnostic, neutral government position over a desire to enhance equality of outcome. Those are judgments that people have reached, possibly not through an intellectual analysis but by a much more involved process.

And as for current events, which I also referred to, my values are so poorly represented by the current set of actors that I don't have much to talk about. I can occasionally point out, as I did today, that the current despot ain't too different from his predecessor, or that the executive continues to accrete power while disclaiming the desire to do so, but Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, so I don't even throw that out there to argue about it.

If you press me, I'll characterize you as thoughtful and transigent. But I'll do it grudgingly, and it will blow all kinds of convenient references to the Dobbsian outlook on politics.

And to tell you the truth, I probably argue and disagree with mister parker as often now as I disagree and argue with you.

okay -- that might be a stretch. . . but not by much. You pinko authoritarian you.


hee hee


wait -- you can preview comments? I fuck them up every time, and I race to post them

mister muleboy said...

I, on the other hand, am now readily and proudly intransigent. Unfortunately, I have certain conflicting values that fuck me up regularly. . . .