Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Like Paying for the Album IN ORDER TO GET IT MADE

The new business model for music kinda sucks.  There's no record company to enxure that a gazillion bucks our in to ensure a pristine sound and rockin' record.

And I hate aids and being old.

So, with that lament done, I'll now say that the new business model is kinda cool, in that I can PUT MY MONEY in directly to pay for an album.

Out of order, with the Juvejestplerofoon producing is an example.

This famous rocker:

is about to make a new album

Get on the train early:

Help make Bobby Bare Jr.'s new album!

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Fred C. Dobbs said...

The Out of Order ladies and I offer our most sincere appreciation for The Mule's continued support for our album project in these here pages.

Boy Howdy!