Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Bachelor Party, No. 2

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The Bachelor Party, No. 2

copyright 2009, 2011 mistermuleboy
all rights reserved


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Dig the orange & brown sand colors & shadows and especially how you caught the tall office or apartment building in the distance on the right -- it emphasizes the urban vibe and the sense that the orange light that the friends are in -- you know they're friends 'cause they're sharing a pizza & it takes a lot to make a guy share his pizza -- the sense that the light they're in on the stoop creates a kind of warm oasis in the big city. Click to enlarge, people, click to enlarge.

Lupner said...

So when are you publishing your book, Mister Muleboy? I'd like a a nice hardcover coffee table version for Xmas next year, please.

Fred C. Dobbs said...

Grrreat photo. L to R: Guy of Circus, Slopsink, Little Grahammy Jewel...