Friday, December 9, 2011


One doesn't know how to respond to this statement:

I got two tickets, and am treating you to a show at Magooby's Joke House !

Although one has a pretty good clue, just from the name. . .

One does know how to respond to this statement:

I got two tickets to take you to see Gilbert Gottfried at Magooby's Joke House ! 

One does know how to respond to that, don't one?

One says Thank you! and one goes.  Don't one?



Gilbert at Magooby's
and if one doesn't think that Gilbert riffed on "Magooby's" for a good fifteen minutes, one

doesn't know Gilbert, do one?

Magooby's ?!?

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all rights reserved 


¡barangus!™ said...

You've nailed the reason few know of GG's genius. He's kinda sucks in short-form. A single joke about Magooby's is lame. 15 minutes of variations on a Magooby's joke has to be transcendent.

Mister Parker said...

Among our dog's many squeaky toys is a duck that says "Aflac. Aflac! AFLAC!!" in Gilbert Gottfried's voice every time she bites it and she bites it often. She'll hold it gently in her jaws and just twitch her jaw muscles enough to set it off -- over and over and over again.

In fact, all one has to do to set her off is say, "Where's your Aflac?" and she races around looking for it until she finds it then she starts biting Gottfried in the butt again.