Sunday, November 6, 2011

No MuleCast

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So I lied about a November 5 Mulecast.

Let me tell 'ya -- I spent large chunks o' time with L'il Jimmie Watson in hospital this weekend.  His, little ol' lady mama again landed in keep.

Blood seems to disappear from her body.  Then they pump more in, but she gets up during the transfusion to rip her IV out, wondering why her 'kitchen" has blood in it.

I tell ya, old age isn't for wusses, and dementia ain't for nobody.  I'm glad it's a Watson problem and not the Mule's. . . .

Anyway --I got back to Muleland in time to throw together a thirteen minute pilot Mulecast.  Thirteen minutes, and maybe 1:03 of mister muleboy.

An excellent ratio, but s shitty podcast.

This thing may never fly. . . .

Love 'ya never change

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tomanonymous said...

I thought the return o' the mulcaster would guarantee