Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Favourite Despot

Yesterday, a certain "mister parker" made reference to America's first, and foremost, despot, braham Lincoln.  mister parker's suggested I examine the equivalence between Ballsy Barry and Honest Abe.

Meaning:  just as Abe Lincoln ordered soldiers to shoot up hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens who fought for the putative Confederate States of America, Barack Obama ordered drone soldiers to shoot up a U.S. citizen who promoted the jihadist anti-U.S. Yemeni al-Qs.

I didn't accept a true equivalence, but was--and am-- too lazy to rebut meaningfully.
I instead offer this homage to our first, and funniest, despot, the Amazing Abe Lincoln.  It usually rests on the wall of my favest lawyer in the land, but it was scanned for ye heathen:

Don't Fuck With ME, Sheik!

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