Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Almost Here !!!!!!!

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No, no

not that goddamned iPhone [which I need to buy].

No -- what's almost here is

The MuleCast !!

That's right -- on November 5, the first official episode of the MuleCast, the Mouth of the Mule's official podcast, will be available for your downloading or streaming pleasure.

2006 technology for your cutting edge entertainment

That's right -- squarely in the year 2006, mister muleboy will introduce you to obscure, catchy little pop songs that shoud escape no one's attention.

That's right -- squarely in the year 2006, mister muleboy will interview independent music producers, indie powerpoppers, indie AC/DC cover band leaders,
grabbing some Crowd Scene thoughts?  Bootlegging Rustbuckit?  Separating the Monkey's Myth from his mind?  Stay tuned. . . .
indie movie historians. If Harrison Ford's available and not working for anybody, I'll interview Indie Indy.

That's right -- squarely in 2006, I'll podcast my meaningless political views, hoping to stir and enrage you.
And I will -- you'll be so steamed that you wasted time listening, I'll have to hire security.

Last but not least -- hefty doses o' Rickles. Courtesy of mister muleboy.

Save the date. For something else.

It's almost here !!!!

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Little Johnny Jewel said...

This is the greatest and most exciting news of all times.

also: Hello Dummy! has gone missing from Bleecker St Records.
I found this fact destabilising and disconcerting.

Will they re-order?

mister muleboy said...

I believe that little Johnny jewel will need to be interviewed for episode 2 or 3 of the first series

"The search for Rickles" -- I smell a bit

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

All the way to the Year 2006, Conan?

You know I'm there Mr. Mule -- I am totally psyched for the Further Adventures!

Tomanonymous said...

It's the 6th already and I see no podcast to download/listen to.

BTW, I recognize all those headstocks except the Gibson with painted logo. Who dat? Studio?

Juvenile Buffoon said...

indie AC/DC cover band leaders

Heeeyy....I resemble that remark!

"Are we going to Addis Ababa, Mr. Luther?"

I don't recognize that Epiphone headstock (the guitar, not the bass)? Info, please.

mister muleboy said...

The Epiphone bass is my Jack Casady, the Epiphone guitar is my Casino. The inlaid Gibson is my LP Pro, the painted Gibson is my Studio.

The Hamer is my Hamer Special [USA] with hot-as-balls pickups. Basically a shredder.

IO love rock and roll.

If I could play it, I'd love it more.