Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Starlets That Gross Me Out, Man No. 12: I Don't Get Jennifer Aniston

Sure, I've seen a couple of pictures of her in which she looks fetching, maybe one where she's sexy.  But

(1) I largely find her physically unappealing, and not particularly pretty;
(2) she so convincingly (and almost exclusively) plays cold, shrewish women that, well, I get no have no help from her characters in working up a stiffie.

I'm not commenting on her appearance objectively; lord knows, as this recent photo shows,
I'm not anyone who should criticize others and their looks.  But I don't get the phenomenon.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Not your type I can buy. But gross you out man? Gross you OUT? Now you're just being difficult. :-)

mister muleboy said...

Who, when I read your comment, I was going to cop to a bit o' the ol' hyperbole.

But then I thought about J. Aniston, and realoized that (with the exception o' one photo) I really do find her

well, repulsive.

Not sure from whence that springs, but it's actually true.

And grossing one out is, o' course, in the gut o' the beholder. As is its definition.

mister muleboy said...

Curly Howard (or Hurly Coward) must have written my comment: Realoized