Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tony Dow for the Mythical Monkey

While visiting Booksteve's Library [I'll fail, but try, to describe it: a blog devoted to the cultural touchstones of the middle-aged American] today, I chanced upon an email interview that I thought might interest the mythical Monkey, and fellow aging youngster like y'all.

Tony Dow, known to us all as Wally Cleaver, proved to be an interesting man who's led an interesting life.  You can read about it here.

But I was most interested in this tidbit:

My mom was one of the first stunt women in Hollywood and the ‘It’ girl, Clara Bow’s, double. She didn’t plan on a career in movies. When she was 17 or 18 years old she got a job at Mack Sennett’s studio as a ‘Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty’ which lead [sic] to minor parts in ‘Keystone Cops’ movies and stunts, etc. She met my dad when she was in her early twenties and gave up her career, if you could call it that.

I had a hard time putting that together, until he revealed that she was well into her forties when Tony was born.

The Wally character was a pretty nice fellow.  I suspect that Tony is too.

btw, he'll be at the hunt Valley Marriott this weekend, just outside Baltimore.  He apparently never does these conventions, but somebody talked him into one, and that's where he'll be.


Mythical Monkey said...

Actually, that is interesting ...

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing to admit, but I once saw him (don't know how many years ago) on tv's "Circus of the Stars," and he was phenomenally good and a master of the physical comedy. I was delighted, and it now makes sense that he was born of a stunt double. Do I need to say, the Mack Sennett connection lightens my heart, too.