Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Monkey Cedes His Post, But Not His Powers

Well, after an unprecedented three-month run, the Mythical Monkey has finally stepped down from his post as the Gunslinger's Blog-O'-The-Month. It was a masterful run, and a well-deserved tribute.

I was amused that the MythMon was replaced by the blog:

Fuck You Noam Chomsky.

I found that just delightful.

Of course, I read on and found that mister sutpen at the 'Slinger had actually elevated

to its prestigious post high atop the blogosphere.

This, and my mistake, amused me even more.

Wow; all I can say is "wow."

1 comment:

Mythical Monkey said...

It was a splendid run and I was deeply honored -- Charlie Parker is truly a great site, second only to The Mouth O' The Mule.